DUI Trial Legal Defenses 

Some of the potential penalties for a DUI arrest are the suspension of driving license, heavy fines, and mandatory jail time. These things can happen even for first-time DUI offenders. The penalties for extreme DUI or aggravated DUI are more serious.  


However, keep in mind that a DUI arrest doesn’t ensure a conviction. A lot of people think that they can’t avoid severe penalties or convictions if they’re arrested. Remember that you’ve got rights when charged with DUI. You will require professional Fort Myers DUI lawyers to help you protect your rights.  

Justifying Driving and Drinking 

There are arguments that you can make to justify your drunk driving. However, they’re complicated arguments to win. There’s a chance to argue that driving was required. For instance, you can argue that driving was necessary if you didn’t intend to drive, but something happened along the way. It can also be a justifiable excuse for driving if you’re in danger and you have to drive to escape it. Obviously, you’ll have to prove the necessity of the driving or the imminent danger. You can also justify the driving if your friend requires immediate medical aid and you can’t contact 911. 

You can also argue that you didn’t intend to drink if you’re drinking punch and have no idea there’s alcohol in it.  

Faulty DUI Testing Tools 

The tools utilized for breath tests have been under extreme use for years. A professional DUI lawyer can help you find out if the tools utilized in your case is one of the models that offer faulty readings. Also, there are a lot of factors that can result in a false reading of a chemical test. This includes medical conditions, particular types of food, and over-the-counter medications.  

Faulty Chemical BAC Test Outcomes 

People who are going through an alcohol blood test should inform the individual conducting the test about all the medications they’re taking. The reason for this is that several medications can change the blood alcohol test outcomes.  

Furthermore, the person has to inform the authorities before the alcohol testing process if he/she is taking a blood-thinning medicine or has bleeding or clotting issues.  

Though it might appear objective, chemical tests are also filled with unreliable outcomes. Urine and blood tests are invasive. They’re not reliable for a particular period. Both measure alcohol in your system. However, it can be a measure of alcohol from days or hours before you’re driving a car. A lot of things can influence the blood alcohol concentration that isn’t associated with actually drinking alcoholic beverages.  

Subjective Field Tests and Police Observations 

Oftentimes, the potential cause is based on subjective evidence offered by the authorities. There are a lot of defenses that can be utilized to challenge the observations of the officer. This is particularly true since field sobriety tests are subjective in nature.  

Individuals have medical conditions that can lead to bad coordination, slurred speech, or bloodshot eyes. There might not be a foundation for potential cause if the authorities don’t consider any of those conditions. The BAC test outcomes can’t be admitted into evidence without this foundation.