Resurfacing A Pool Deck 

Do you own a swimming pool? Or do you have a pool in your private property? If so, it may be a simple job for you to maintain and clean this artificial body of water for you, your family, and your visitors to enjoy, but what about pool decks? Cleaning your pool decks is as important as cleaning your pool because it is as significant as the pool itself. Your pool will lose its attractiveness if its pool deck is not maintained. Also, most of the accidents that happen in the pool are not on the water, but on the pool decks. Therefore, pool deck resurfacing is one important job one would look to if they own a pool. Pool decks are useful not just for aesthetics but also for safety measures. You have to make sure that the people who visit your pool can walk safely on the deck when they want to go swimming or just relax on the side. Moreover, resurfacing your pool deck is one important thing to look upon.  

Pool Deck
Here are the basic steps on what to do if you want to resurface your pool decks: 

1. Choose your desired overlay. Every kind of activity needs to be planned out. Therefore, before doing the resurfacing, you first need to plan out and decide on what kind of concrete overlay you will use. It is also best if you get some advice from professionals. You should consider the area, if it would fit the motif of your overlay, the kind of material that will be used, to make sure that the chemicals that are usually used in pools does not damage it and to keep in good shape and texture. However, safety should always come first, that is why in choosing the material, you need to wisely choose the one that is safe to step into and walk.  

2. Prepare the pool. Before doing the actual resurfacing you still need to do prepare the deck surface. It should be thoroughly cleaned, remove all the debris and dirt, repair all the holes and cracks and never forget to flatten the surface. Also, properly drain the water in the pool to avoid any necessary contaminations on the water due to the materials used in resurfacing. If you cannot drain the water, at least cover it properly. 

3. Apply the coating. After managing the pool, you can now do the actual resurfacing. You can start applying the coating to the deck surface using the sculpting tools you have. You have to make sure that the compound you are using in coating is put flat and spread evenly and thinly. You should not make any marks or on the compound unless it is for design and other specific purposes. And lastly, 

4. Let the concrete dry. After you finish all the dreaded work in resurfacing the pool deck, you now have to make sure that the concrete will dry. Make sure you put signs and barriers to avoid the wet concrete from getting stepped in or destroyed by people who unknowingly walk beside the pool.  

Indeed, pool resurfacing is one heck of a tedious job. If you are new to this yet you think that your pool decks needs resurfacing, do not do the job by yourself as much as possible. It would be best if you hire a professional from pool deck resurfacing dfw to do the work neatly and efficiently for you.